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     Coloring pages that help Parents
Become the Spiritual Leaders their Children Need.

Coloring Pages for The Children of Divorce
We pray that parents and children alike do not allow divorce to come between them and God…that they do not blame or turn away from their one great source of comfort and support…that when their earth family is damaged they find a forever family, a church family. In short when Christ said "Let the little children come unto me:" there was no exclusion for the children of the divorce…or their parents."

We TRUST you will like the slide show and print a few pages.
We HOPE you will keep some by the door of your Sunday School classroom
We PRAY that after viewing the coloring book you notice the "share" or "email" button
and forward the coloring pages to friends.

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        The next fifteen images are MIRROR IMAGES OF THE FIRST FIFTEEM.
THE PURPOSE OF MIRROR COLORING PAGES IS TO HAVE THE CHILDREN PRAY WHILE THEY ARE HOLDING THEIR SCRIPTURE UP TO A MIRROR...A PRAYER SOMETHING LIKE THIS "Father just as I need this mirror to SEE the verse I need your Holy Spirit to UNDERSTAND what this verse means to me personally. Father, make your words as clear to my spirit as the mirror makes them to my eyes."

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Scripture taken from Holy Bible, King James Version

Bible quotes are from the King James. All other content is property of J. Charles White and may not be used other than expressly stated on the home page of this site.

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